Thursday, April 09, 2009

the puzzle begins

After starving him for 5 weeks he shuffled to the white-board and wrote in a wiggly version of his scrawl, "hungry?"

Dozens of Philosophers and Theologians argued the meaning of his single word until after 22 more days he pulled himself on his belly to the white-board and changed it to say, "not hungry?"

The Wise Men scowled.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Where The Monsters Don't Linger

How I yearn for the place where the Monsters don't linger.
A place free of startling, fearful things.
All surprises happy - All the thrills Benign.
Horror sidelined, banned from scaring.
Life and Death - the stakes removed.

Where could it be this Land of Easy?
Peaceful, playful, ever kind.
Make my nest and rear my Lovelies.
Safe from Evil 'neath my wings.
How to find the 'Monster Free-Zone?' 
Piece of Heaven, Peace sublime.