Friday, January 26, 2007

Most Peculiar Mama!

I like this self portrait. I took it with my cell phone camera and Photo Shopped it so it looks like I'm behind a shower door.

Since I decided to organize a 25th Reunion for my High School Class, I've been spending hours at the computer managing information. Finding who lives where and when they we last seen. What their email address was five years ago (remarkable how many people still have the same IP after five years) and do they really want to reunite in the Texas heat this summer.

I haven't abandoned you, my epistle, but I'm spread a little thin.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Creepy and Vintage

Maybe it's because I look like Colleen Dewhurst when I'm in drag, but this creeps me out a little.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lead with a joke, Maybe Iraq?

As is always my custom, I listen to our President's State of the Union Address while i look at porn online. KIDDING! But I usually hear our Commander in Cheif's message. KIDDING AGAIN!

Some years he's bored me, angered me, confused me, confused me, confused me but this year I felt some pity. He doesn't sound like he believes it and he used to always sound like he believed it even if i wasn't exactly sure what it was he was saying his unswerving devotion to it eas dependable.. That must be a sad thing to experience. To outlast one's dogma.

Hail to the Cheif...tough job.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I'm thinking of that as a new moniker. Or maybe something kitchy like Cold-Miser. I flew in to North Texas from Minneapolis Monday (and boy are my arms tired! I'll be here all week!) and I seem to have brought all sorts of ice, snow, sleet and cold temperatures with me. That may explain the crowd of angry villagers at the castle gate with their torches and pitch forks but I think they're the same angry villagers that always follow me shouting "the monster must die, blah blah blah." I mean you steal one religious icon (Saint Catherine's Upper Plate my ass) and they just hound you forever.
So far my family still loves me, but I haven't had time to really wear on them yet. Plenty of time for all that. No one has called me fat, at least not to my face. My Grandmother hasn't condemned me to eternal torment for saying "hell" or "ass" or using the Lord's name in vain so all is well.
Tonight I plan to kick all of their collective asses with a rousing game of TOTALLY 80'S TRIVIAL PURSUIT. Victory is mine, they are toast.
Not much else to report but the week is young!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Time to pick what I'll pack. You should always pack a jacket just in case an evening of fine dining or Theatre presents itself. I prefer the formal white dinner jacket that ties behind me.

Monday, January 08, 2007


Okay, I know I debunked Psychics and Spiritualists just days ago BUT I did not decypher all mysterious occurences. So it is with no embarassment that I share last night's encounter.

As I sat watching the late NFL Playoff Game I felt/saw/experienced a shadow that passed behind me - close enough to move the small hairs on the back of my neck - from left to right as I sat on the sofa. As with past unexplained "presences" it didn't alarm me like you'd think it would. It seemed perfectly normal to some deep unreasoning part of my brain that something could move in the space between my 3-Dimensional world and the flat world of shadows.

I dunno...Sylvia, help!?

Friday, January 05, 2007

Is It My Fault For Asking?

Okay. Here's the set-up. Because of long-term treatment for HIV, I currently suffer from some Peripheral Neuropathy in my hands and feet. Several months ago I also underwent two angioplasty's for arterial blockages. For the last month I've had numbness on my right thigh that extends for about a foot on my right knee and all the way "bone deep" in that area. I have "assumed" it was a natural progression of the peripheral neuropathy because I am currently on HIV medication that could worsen that condition. However, the numbness could be circulatory and signify a blockage in an artery or vein in my right leg.

So. The learnd advice of the Nurse I spoke to is," Go to the Emergency Room and have that checked out, I'm not comfortable letting you ignore this symptom."

Okay. I know she's advising me with an abundance of caution BUT it hasn't killed me in a month so I don't have a sense of HURRY associated with this odd symptom and REALLY want to wait until Monday to act.

Am I ?

Fooliish to wait?
Getting confirmation of what I've asked for?
Likely to be found dead with a blood clot to the brain?
Worrying about a new "nothing?"

I hate Health Care.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

"There Are Flies On The Windscreen For A Start..."

Okay, I held back as long as I could, but what a ghoulish Holiday Season of Death Rituals we've just been through. The famous dying or being executed, bodies dragged around the country. Before I get started though - a Brain Teaser! What Band did I quote as the title of today's post? Hmmm?

Returning to my main point. Predictably, the Famous and Infamous died in 3's to round out the year. The Godfather of Soul, our 38th President and the Butcher of Bahgdad - all in a five day stretch. Gerald Ford wins the MOST TRAVELED CORPSE award making appearances in Palm Springs, Washington D.C. and Grand Rapids MI. Second, James Brown from South Carolina (?) to Harlem and finally Georgia to be laid to rest. Both dwarfed Saddam's Tiny Tour from Bahgdad to Tikrit. I guess the lesson here is: The more you are loved - the more of America your remains get to see. (See America from your own back- uh Casket?)

And music, here The Hardest Working Man In Showbiz rocked the house. Sorry Mr. President, I got a little burned out on RUFFLES AND FLOURISHES (sounds like a gay boy-band.) And poor Saddam, no music just taunting to sing him to his disturbed peace.

I know, it's a morbid way to begin the New Year but I didn't kill 'em. I just watched the rituals unfold.