Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I'm thinking of that as a new moniker. Or maybe something kitchy like Cold-Miser. I flew in to North Texas from Minneapolis Monday (and boy are my arms tired! I'll be here all week!) and I seem to have brought all sorts of ice, snow, sleet and cold temperatures with me. That may explain the crowd of angry villagers at the castle gate with their torches and pitch forks but I think they're the same angry villagers that always follow me shouting "the monster must die, blah blah blah." I mean you steal one religious icon (Saint Catherine's Upper Plate my ass) and they just hound you forever.
So far my family still loves me, but I haven't had time to really wear on them yet. Plenty of time for all that. No one has called me fat, at least not to my face. My Grandmother hasn't condemned me to eternal torment for saying "hell" or "ass" or using the Lord's name in vain so all is well.
Tonight I plan to kick all of their collective asses with a rousing game of TOTALLY 80'S TRIVIAL PURSUIT. Victory is mine, they are toast.
Not much else to report but the week is young!


jungle dream pagoda said...

Hello ,mister bringer of ice(the thought had x-ed my mind)!
Are we going to see each other ,my schedule is soooo carazy right now,oh and that angry cath'lic mob,,, its karma for all your jokes about the Jesus charger!

jungle dream pagoda said...

I have tagged you darling!!!