Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hey Crazy Right Wing! Keep Your Own Perverts!

"I am NOT Gay! And I have NEVER been Gay!" - Sen. Larry Craig

On behalf of Gays the world over let me be among the first to say THANK GOD! You, Sir, are a "bathroom sex pevert" whose antics are criminal even when between two consenting adults. In addition you are a "hypocrit" and although Americans are forgiving of sin, they never forget a hypocrit. So scurry on back to your urine and disinfectant smelling sexuality and take "boy lover" Mark Foley and drug and prostitute massage pervert Ted Haggard with you as you go.

Inappropriate with teenage boys. - Rep. Mark Foley

Prositute hiring, meth snorting Evangelical. - Rev. Ted Haggard


linda said...

AMEN, Brother Timothy! AMEN!

I could not believe it when I heard on the radio he is denying everything. What is this country coming to?

jungle dream pagoda said...

I guess I do find this info interesting and yet I yawn at how it doesn't surprise me!