Sunday, June 01, 2008



(10K Buddhas)

Since January of 2007, the epistle has received over ten thousand hits. Admittedly, most are anonymous bounces generated by search engines and tag lines. 10,000 contacts but no touching.

Speaking on behalf of all Exhibitionists, it's a cool time to be alive.

In the last 100 hits on the epistle there were contacts from six of the seven continents. I can't seem to break into the Antarctic Scientists scene.

In the last 100 hits, people from 22 countries stopped by. Some of them will return daily/weekly/monthly. Some will never come again.

Whether this is "farewell" or "see ya later" it has been a pleasure having you.


linda said...

COOL! Six out of seven continents? Maybe if you post stuff "scientist" related, they will come.

I will be around this blog as long as I have internet connection, and the blog is around.

Thanks for sharing your musings with me.


Tiffany Ebner said...

Hey, found your blog from a post at You have some great stuff here. Love the flower pics. More, please : )