Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This 15 foot "Ham Radio Antenna" has suddenly appeared on my neighbors roof top. Ham Radio Enthusiast my Dear Aunt Bitty's Humped Neck. I believe he converses with 'foreign entities who mean us no good.' I bet he could contact Iraq or Iran or the Ayatolla Great Leader Blessed Kim Jong IL his ownself.

Between you me and the cat, he isn't a "
Traditional American" if you get my drift. He and I sprang from different Creation Mythologies. I doubt he'd know Jesus if they was in line at the Walmart's Self Check-out.

I will keep my eye on him. I understand our Government still pays for us to turn in Un-American Activities that we observe. Even under the Hussein Obama Administration... stay tuned.

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jungle dream pagoda said...

Ha Hah Ha Haaa!!!
"He and I sprang from different Creation Mythologies"
I think you and I sprang from the same mythologies!