Monday, May 01, 2006

Undocumented Illegal Worker Alien Persons

You know, it warms my heart to see non-violent protest return to American cities. Our Freedoms of Speech & Assembly were very important to our Founders and should never be neglected. I'll go on record believing that we need to secure our borders and find a way to put the 11+ million undocumented residents on a path to permanent resident status.

I wonder today, why we hold the immigrants responsible and seem to give the businesses that employ them a pass. Today, Tyson (the chicken company) has closed many of its plants anticipating the absence of its employees. It is not the only company to make this adjustment today. So why isn't the INS or ICE (or whatever acronym they use now) going after those companies? If they employ so many undocumented workers that today's protests can shut them down, maybe we should be making a few arrests in the Land of Chicken parts?

Now, I am no highly trained federal agent but...DUH! They had to close! Go write a few tickets! If it weren't for corporate America's addiction to slave labor, we wouldn't have the DEMAND that guarantees a SUPPLY of illegals.

Common Sense and Compassion - they used to make America great.

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