Wednesday, May 03, 2006

"You Are NOT The Father!"

Okay, I hate to be judgemental, well that's not entirely true. In the privacy of my dark, dark heart, I LOVE to be judgmental. I just hate to publicly admit that I love to judge the behaviors of others, but don't we all stand in judgement of our fellow human? If you share it with a friend or friends you're a GOSSIP. Share with the police and you're a NARC. Share on TV and you're JERRY FALWELL! Well, this is about as public as you can get. I mean, my address in cyberspace begins with www - WORLD WIDE WEB! So, in theory, the whole wired world can read my opinion, or at least my Mother will.

BUT, as I was saying, I hate to be judgemental but I was watching MAURY today and, as always, they were testing the paternity of some fatherless babies so that their husbandless mothers could take the irresponsible young men to court for child support for having made them pregnant - classic daytime television fare. This one young lady today, Heferetta, was making her twelth (yes, 12) appearance on the show, testing the DNA of the thirteenth (yes, 13) potential sperm donor of her four year old daughter, Shanaynay. Male number thirteen (yes, 13) was not the father either (try to act surprised.)

Here's the judgmental part - would anyone with any dignity appear on Nationally Syndicated Television twelve times testing thirteen men and basically admitting that she can only narrow down her sexual partners four years and eight or nine months ago to thirteen or more? Now I have been around the block a few times (actually there are a couple of alley ways named after me both here and in Europe) but even I have never released the BOINK machine with thirteen or more different partners on a two month window of opportunity. There are trampolene's that see less bouncing.

For the love of God, dear girl, or better yet - for the love of your Daughter! Stop testing all of the young men at home and concentrate on being the Mother your Daughter needs! In a year or two she'll be old enough to figure out your quest for a Father and she might just feel like a means to child support.

Not that I would judge your behavior or anything.

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