Friday, September 01, 2006

Precious Little "FUN" in Fundamentalists

APOCALYPTIC POLYGAMISTS - try saying that three time fast. Ten thousand followers, twenty-odd wives, the power of life, death and exile to those who call him "Prophet." It's definitely not his looks. At least with David Koresh there was a certain Jim Morrison hippie rocker handsome you could follow into the flames of eternity. But this guy looks like a giant "Barney Fife" (sorry Don Knotts, funny you are - pretty you aren't.)

You know, if you glued a bad beard on the "Prophet" and threw him in a dress, he'd look a little like everybody's favorite Fundamental Islamist Terrorist - Osama (Who's Yo Mama?) Bin Laden. Bad skin and all.

Maybe they had to become crazy evil deluded devil men because acne made them lonely? Hmmm. The World may never know.

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