Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Quite A Handful

Every night, before I lie down to rest, I have to swallow this delicious assortment of Chemical Jellybeans. The Doctor must really love me since he (okay, they) give me so many little gifts. They treat a variety of ills, syndromes, complexes and conditions. Some of them treat side-effects that are caused by some of the other ones. Now that's insane. Sadly, none of them make me taller, wealthier, thinner or more tan. In fact, I have to pay for the privelege of taking them. That's insane too.

I'll tell you a secret about chronic illness that no one ever warns you about. Treatable incurable diseases have an element of MONOTONY to them that can catch you by surprise. I will say 'goodnight' to this beautiful handful of pills for the rest of my life. I say 'good day' to their equally colorful counterparts each morning...for the rest of my life. Of course I'm happy that I will live a long full life with medical support but I sometimes see a line of pills that stretches until it disappears from view.

Pills. Infinity. I win.

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jungle dream pagoda said...

I agree with your last equasion ,though so many folks retire with a rainbow/connection/assortment .There was a wonderful production of the Normal Heart ,here recently,we've come a long way fom GRID to living with HIV,and its taken us people like Larry Kramer and Timothy Hogan to get us there.