Thursday, November 15, 2007


I'm not sure when or from whom I learned it, but I have long believed that there are three things one does not discuss in polite company: Religion, Politics and Other Peoples' Children.

Obviously, I've never considered the epistle "polite company."

Below, I've included a link to a "Candidate Calculator" from the VA Joe website. I didnt create it, but it seems to be a balanced, grossly generalized, gimicky snapshot of how the Presidential candidates (all 74 of them) stack up to our "hot button" issues.

Follow the Link and then COMMENT with your results by clicking on the word "COMMENTS" below the post. Let us know which politician is your "Mystery Date." Monday, I'll post my results.

You first. Yes, it's "I'll show you mine if you show me yours." Some things never change.


  • Tomorrow - I talk about your children.


    MaryKent said...

    Dennis Kuchinich....omg!!! I thought I was more "Ron Paul" except for that Republican thing!!

    Marty said...

    Sen. Mike Gravel. 77%
    Rep. Kucinich. 77%
    Dr. Paul. 45%

    I expected Gravel and Kucinich to be my top picks, but I am also on the Paul bandwagon.

    hollholl said...

    I was similar to Marty -- Mike Gravel, then Dennis Kucinich, then Ron Paul.

    jungle dream pagoda said...

    VERY COOL !!! ...but who the heck is Former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel (D)? I am so embarrassed that I don't know who is my top match. At least Obama was my #3.