Sunday, December 16, 2007

"SERIOUS" As A "_____ ______"

Fill in the blanks and yeah, no shit.

On Saturday Dec. 1 I was experiencing chest pain so I went to the ER thinking I might need additional angioplasty. I woke up five days later on a respirator having had a quadruple heart bypass and a valve replacement. I spent a total of two weeks in the hospital and the maintenance of my life has changed forever.

I feel so much better than when I was being helped to breathe, it's tempting to say that I feel fine now but that would be an overstatement. I've been sent home with the twice daily task of giving myself injections in the stomach of an anti-clotting drug until it's oral equivalent reaches a clinical level. Luckily, I have plenty of stomach so I won't have to reuse an area for an injection until 2010.

If what I had experienced in May 2006 was a "minor" heart attack, the event two weeks ago could be called "massive." But I continue on.

It's nice to be home.



Anonymous said...

Timothy - Welcome out of the hospital and back to Stinkyville! I'm glad you are still amongst the living. Take it nice and slow for the next couple of months. Call me if you need anything.

J.- Brein

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you went to the hospital!! So glad you're doing good.


Shannon said...

On the bright side it's a stunning way of getting out of traveling over Christmas. Glad you're better.

Be well.

linda said...


Glad you are doing better. Your trip to hospital makes mine seem pathetic in nature. All I had to be diagnosed with was Carpal Tunnel syndrome. Wish I could say I would trade with you, but I can honestly say that I am glad you are on THIS SIDE of life. I don't want to lose any more friends if it can be helped. Do they know what caused it?


hollholl said...

Whoooaaa... I'm so glad you're OK!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear you are ok. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you.


jungle dream pagoda said...

I'll be thinking of you sweetest one !
kisses L-GG

Anonymous said...

Some people will do anything for attention. Miss you so.