Thursday, April 05, 2007

Now THOSE are boobies.

This is an entirely TOO long explanation about the last post - "In Three-Quarter Time" which I got in trouble for by advertising that the epistle had "boobies." Some sweet someone judged the picture from the last post as "pornographic" - their words not mine and I got in all sorts of trouble at my ex-workplace because some of their work email addresses were mixed in with the distribution list I sent out that advertised the epistle with "boobies" - my word. The Photo I had chosen was a 20's "art-study" of the Three Graces, black & white, not selacious in my opinion. But I know the opinion of the viewer is ultimately the standard for judging obscenity. The fact that the word "boobies" got "Blackberried" to a co-worker and someone thought the Ladies were "pornographic" created an idiotic Tempest in a Timothy-pot.

Oddly the point of the last post was my poem made entirely of three word phrases or acronyms. That's why it isn't illustrated any longer.

So for this post I decided to illustrate (she's illustrated. layers upon layers upon layers) what I thought "real boobies" (illustrated - ironic, no?) look like.

P.S. All My Funny Work seems to be on The Last REAL JBHS Graduates 81-83 this week anyway. I'm a 1 blog man.

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    jungle dream pagoda said...

    You know my freind Amanda is wonderfully forever using vintage naughty women pics in the most faboo ways,I am sure you were partially descriminated based on being the opposite sex of those photos.
    Hmmm,Timothy,how butch of you!