Wednesday, April 16, 2008

When Last We Left...

Pet Shop Boys

... our young-ish hero/anti-hero LITTLE TIMMY TEN TOES had uprooted the rickety and thoroughly questionable TREE OF SO-CALLED LIFE he lived in Mini-no-place and moved the whole damn thing to Texas. He "loaded up the truck and he moved to Beverly, Hills that is... swimmin' pools, movie stars..." or at least to the capitol of North Texas Suburbia - Arlington.

"Oh, Arlington, thy streets are filled with day-laborers while thy churches stand air conditioned and empty.

Thy strip-malls endless as they chain thy streets, NAILS, TAQUERIA and KIDNEY DIALYSIS (no lie) wall to wall to wall.

So served, art thou, by malls and restaurants - do thy children sleep comfortable and full?

Now build the yard where 'Boys can play and past thy little boys stare."

He wrote a tiny verse. Awkward, insolent and heartfelt - all three, I know. Seems odd.

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jungle dream pagoda said...

...but unbeknownst to the throng at large ,Arlington bore secret crazy creative lefty types by the bunches(much to the chagrin its right wing Baptist thumpin' self)!Tiny little pockets that were much more fashionable and literate than the "futbol you bet" types(more arrogant too!)!
These were the few who eschewed the yumminess of Chic-filet ,just to prove a point to their "we close on holy days" selves!
...and just how did the little garden spot of Arlington(it preferred to think of itself as "The Garden Spot")satisfy its otherwise bound for urbanity citizens? Ah,it held a secret weapon nestled close to its suburban bosom. Thrift town was the magnet that drew the forward thinking crowd to outstay there welcome....and finally the beacon of light that even stole creative types from its shameful uppity cousin Dallas.... late in their teenage years these outcasts could audition for.....The Southern Palace at 6 flags over Texas. Who could have possibly dreamed of the secret double life these seemingly squeaky clean kids singing showtunes,and songs about the American flag ,lead. Growing bolder from the synergy built working among other like-minded outcasts,the unusually bred brethren could take wing and sew their seeds of individuality with the rest of the world!!!
....unless....Theatre Arlington came a knockin'......
Then all bets were off.