Thursday, April 03, 2008

There's no basement at the Alamo!

Q: Why doesn't Chuck Norris wear a watch?

A: Because Chuck decides what time it is.

Hey! The epistle has relocated to Texas bringing it's left-leaning Yankee ways to the state that spawned me, both President's Bush (W. and Barbara) and WALKER TEXAS RANGER.

I have a new email address: and if you're sweet or want to send me a gift you can email me for my new mailing address.

I can only imagine that my return to my native soil (which I must sleep in during the day) will add a "mui caliente" aftertaste to all of my new epistle entries.

1 comment:

jungle dream pagoda said...

Welcome home native son!
Eugene,can you actually come home again? Miss Persis would say
"How ya gonna keep em' down on the farm after they've seen St Paul!"
kisses L-GG