Wednesday, July 09, 2008


It occured to me during a lunch conversation that between LAW & ORDER (Original, SVU, CI, EI-EI-O), CSI (Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Bugtussle) and countless FORENSIC FILE imitators - whew - that the PERFECT CRIME should have been committed by now.

Why hasn't it? Or has it? Have YOU committed it? Would you like to Confess? Anonymously, maybe?

Or is there Anyone you'd like to ACCUSE?

Unburden yourself to the epistle, my friend. You'll feel better. We'll both feel better.

... and speak directly into your computer's microphone... no reason.

1 comment:

jungle dream pagoda said...

I'm calling YOU out Timothy Hogan!!!! You are goin' down for the usage of "Bugtussle" !!!!!!!!!!!
(HAAA HAAAAhaaaaHAAhha,laughed my patootie off on that one,hadn't heard it in years!)