Friday, June 30, 2006

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Now, despite my invaluable influences on the lives of these three young men, I must also recognize the contributions of their "birth parents" who, with no experience outside the occassional baby doll whose hair always ended in a butchered afro, have managed to keep the hairstyles of their young ones (oops! forgot the "bald Lars" incident) perfectly acceptable.

Not to mention that they somehow have taught these guys how to operate respectfully and as far as I know intelligently in this great wide world. I know I've forshadowed the bits of my personal charm that I have seen them all display (maybe it's a phase?) but really my "charm, smarm?" has served me well, saved my *ss and as long as it is not used to hurt others can be a perk.

My little sister, Rachel is the best of us all. I hope that doesn't bother anyone to read that, but when we adopted her in 1971 and I held her and she stopped crying, touched my face and cooed, I knew she got me, loved all of me and I will never stop reflecting that love back at her.

Mark, you are a brave soul to marry into this endless Tennesee O'Neil play. We feel deep and wide and loud...repeat. Your sense of humor is spot on and will probably preserve your sanity. I love you.

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