Friday, June 30, 2006

Suburban Metallica Head Banger Parents

I admit it. When you first married I thought you were too cool to be parents. I was just barely older than the two of you and had to work really hard to come off as cool myself (dating older well, girls, British girls, then branching out into the guys the cool older girls had been dating - it was Texas in the 80's on the buckle of the Bible-belt, becoming me wasa bit of a challenge.

Then you moved to Austin and one weekend, Justine Trout and I drove down to visit. We went to the genius movie BRAZIL and watched it stoned. It was the single coolest movie theatre experience of my life.

I remember my Bubba and I going to SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS and riding the rollercoasters with POPPERS. Take a hit at the top of the hill and you're slamming as you pour through double loops. Never forget that.

And Scheri, first outsider to break the code and sneak into Fortress Hogan...YOU GO GIRL! I have loved you, your humor, your focus, your tolerance and understanding. You are my sweet sister forever.

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Dolores Hogan said...

Timothy, have to admit disappointment that the times you remember with fondness are times spent stoned, drunk, etc. It really is more important to like your family for good, solid traits like soberness, good parenting, being an example of how to conduct your life. Wonder why we are here, to be loopy stoned, or perhaps to be useful in some way. This is, of course, your mother D, and her hopelessly outdated morals speaking.