Friday, June 30, 2006

Is that EriK with a "k" or Eric with a "c?" Well it's Erik with an "e."

Sometimes you realize that even six years can amount to being "gone too long." When these next two young atheletes were born, I was only around when my career alowed me stops at home. I loved these little babies who have grown into fine young men, or at least sneaky enough young men to be believed fine. That's more about my teen years that theirs, I was assumed to be a model highschool student. Early on, I learned how to appear to be one...worked pretty much the same.

Erik rehabbed himself from a devastating high leg bone break when most kids are working on walking without falling down. One Tough Kid. Loves his family and his Grandmother. He's a smart enough operator to do just fine in ths world. I hate to make his parents fearful, but Erik has a style of charm that reminds me of my own. Oh Hell, all three Nephews do. Be afraid, be a little afraid.

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