Friday, June 30, 2006

I Changed Your Diapers When Your Dad Was Still New At It

Well crap, you've managed to become a man while I've lived away. I remember you, baby-boy, first nephew/grandchild of the immediate clan. You were a deadly diaper-sniper and I remember your grin as you let fly the water cannon the minute any diaper changer came into range. If we get out of this stupid war, maybe a commission in the marines as a sharp shooter?

None of us knew how to care for a baby when you came along. Luckilly grandmothers, Lolas and Scheri's endlessly fertile Aunts made sure we kept the dry parts dry an moistened the wet ones.

Actually, Lars, Erik and Donovan have been raised primarily in malls and SuperTargets. I expect great retail in al of their futures!

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