Saturday, July 01, 2006

Shield the Younguns' Marge, the Blog's going ADULT

Someone's Xmas goose a couple of weeks early, or was it a bad year for growin Yule logs. Couldn't be more than a week of tree rings on cousin Branch. Al Gore said it, "I WAS SO FREAKIN' ROBBED!" no we mean "It's an Inconvenient Truth" Global Warming has begum to diminish the returns of a Holiday glutted with Arabian oil, featuring Arabial "pipework." Mideast, been there, n* d*cks, watched a lot of TV.

The fact that some warpped soul, Idahoan probably (Female populous has never even seen a real penis!) had to circle it with a pen in utter disamazement. "Josephine! Will ya look at the ghostly size of that mother! Shees and you'll be orderin' me them special vitamins, next!"

SEARS, sorry I can't talk to ya now we're hangin' proscciutto, ROEBUCK & COMPANY, we Salute you!

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