Monday, July 03, 2006

Undead or just Living Challenged?

Recently, my roommate has become Dracula, Prince of Darkness or at least Duke of Dusk, Dauphine of Dawn...I'm uncertain. All I know is that he sleeps during the day while I am at work and is nowhere to be seen at night when I go to bed.

As roomie situations go, it's not a bad gig. We've known each other for nearly sisxteen years, it's okay if we don't watch reruns of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW together. It's hardest on the cat, I think. She was accustomed to sleeping with him at night. Now her poor little feline diurnal clock is askew. She just prowls the high shelves in the apartment howling at the I envy her.

Funny thing though, recently my roommate's Mother called me. She doesn't bother calling him since he won't answer. As always she asked how he was doing and as the light was just fading, I said in a clear strong voice,"You just missed him, Judy, He just finished rising at night so he could go out and suck the blood of the living."

Shortest conversation I've ever had with the woman.

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