Sunday, August 27, 2006


The stark, chiarascura side light. A hot side a shadowed side and a photon's wide border between the two that splits his face. Is light fortified against it's absence? Holding out against the void? What forces exist at the line between? Or is that edge the only place of STILLNESS in our violent Universe. The quarks rest? The Strings stop their springing? The only safety is in realizing that wisdom and strength can only rest still if both GOOD and EVIL face each other on edge. Necessary to keep the BIG PICTURE from self-annihilation. Though he stands now painted in both Darkness and Light. Heonly exists in the knife's edge where to two pools meet. Infinity balanced on pin point.

Life for him has always been the controlled dance of the circus high-wire performer. A child of neither Good nor Evil. Never touching. Never Free. This concious balance renders him cautious, wary and vigilant. As neither Good nor Evil could be seen if not abbutted against each other, so could there be but one Observer of the acts of man. Himself neither fully Good nor Evil yet balanced on the razor's edge that separates the two. An edge aside which, for him, waits certain, eternal maddness. An edge which holds the real power of darkness and night, sinner and saint.

It is tragic that as the consequences of choices increase, even as these choices play out over a great time, concepts like GOOD and EVIL are co-opted by so many competing zealots that they mean nothing at all.

So what of Timothy, damned to seek balance on the edge between night and day, good and evil, explosion and eclipse. EVERYTHING and NOTHING AT ALL.

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