Friday, August 18, 2006


So, I'm watching CNN and of course they continue to cover the tenuous cease-fire between Israel and Lebanon when they begin to cover Hezzbolah's efforts to rebuild the bulidings that Israel smote during the 34-day conflict and they show these Hezzbolah representatives handing out cash to the displaced Lebanese. $12,000 US. That's twelve thousand dollars, U.S. of A.

Okay, DEATH TO AMERI...CA! HMMM. So they think of Israel as the pawn of the Great Satan (I wish that was MY nick-name!) my country and yours the Jew-nited, I mean United States of America AND YET they hand out one-hundred twenty crisp dollar bills to help their recently homeless countrymen rebuild, regroup and regather themselves. How do they not DIE of IRONY?!

It's like the PETA member with the LEATHER BELT and used to be my MOO-COW. Big brown eyes, gentle lowing, killed wth an air hammer, drain the blood and tan the hide!

Oh! and not to mention the amount. $12,000 dollars per household. FEMA only paid $2000 per KATRINA household and I bet the Lebanese don't spend their FINANCIAL AID on GIRLS GONE WILD! videos. Are we REALLY the TACKIEST of Earth's denizens now? It was easier when the USSR was a Superpower...I mean THE LAND THAT FASHION FORGOT, already.

Feeling Tacky.

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jungle dream pagoda said...

TACKY? as long as I am stll allowed my fashion moments ,let the bushleague go play world police. AWW, I'm just kiddin' mm, sorta.