Monday, November 27, 2006

At Least I Only Have One Cat...So Far

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to re-introduce the love of my life, and my only child, Miss Stinkerella Louise Fifi Hogan. She answers to "Stinky," though she has no aroma to speak of, it's far more a description of her personality. "Stinkerella" pays homage to Cinderella since my friend David and I rescued her from a shelter (where I'm sure they had her sweeping out chimneys). She shares my maternal grandmother's middle name "Louise" out of love for my grandmother and the surprising number of personality traits they share. "Fifi" was entirely psychically inspired - I feel she danced at the FOLLIES BERGERE in a past, taller and less hairy incarnation (although I suppose there ARE a lot of small hairy French women?). As her adoptive father, she shares my last name.

Here I could launch into a laundry list of "the wonderful things she does..." but as a single 42 year old gay man I am working really hard on the delusion that I MIGHT still be a man under here somehow.

No laughing.

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jungle dream pagoda said...

I had to wait till I was married to be a cat owner,i had dogs growing up. My mother still has THREE chia-ia-ias(boy I mangled the spelling of that breed,could it be freaudian?)We got Elvis just as I booked a weekend shoot. Wouldn't you know I waited my whole life to have a cat ,only to have it bond with my husband,while I was off playing make-believe. He still loves him best.