Friday, November 17, 2006

It's Time For A New World Religious Paradigm

At least I think so...
Lately, I have found myself confronted by aspects of Legacy World religions that seem archaic, out of place. Prohecies written by the oppressed and enslaved that could only hope for an end to their tortured existence. They prophesied what they most desired.
But in our times, though many still suffer, billions of us live lives that are pleasant, creative, filled with family of all sorts, compassion that extends to include the whole natural world. We need new paradigms in our beliefs that pull away from milenia of praying for release from this life and instead leave us yearning to improve this life for everyone. It's not about doing time on Earth waiting for the prize of Heavan. It's about the capacity for Heaven, a real Kingdom of God on this Earth.

Here are a few of the cornerstones of my New World Religion. Feel free to COMMENT, email, REPLY, complain or even think about what you may read. I'll value your input.

1. We are the most sentient fruit of our Creator that we know but the Universe is vast and our eyesight finite.
2. Our Creator's perfection is displayed in our Diversity. Six Billion independent thoughts every second.
3. What appears to be Fate or Destiny is a simple limitation of our Perception as we try to find Meaning outside ourselves.
4. Though we are never without our Creator's love, we live in an impersonal Universe in which Events will occur to us at random.
5. Any Lesson learned from Events that occur in our lives begins in Grace or how we respond to the occurrences.
6. We owe others (regardless of their beliefs) Respect, Love, Tolerance

Well, that seems like a good start. A little New Age-y to tell the truth. I swear I smell patchouli oil. Does that mean my new religion will include hippie nuns and monks? Cool, good wines, breads and weed.

Anywho, helpout a budding late day prophet buy adding your suggestions to either our "Cornerstones," or how I should start raising money, my outfit for spreading the word...forget that! My New Religion needs a NAME!


* The winner is our first Saint!

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jungle dream pagoda said...

Been outa town again and then working on a catapult (science),so I'm reading your posts backwards. Love 2, 5 and 6 especially!Can we also work on a " cut out the middle school-esque behavior among clique-ish adults"? Or is it just human nature to seperate into tiers?