Monday, November 20, 2006

I Would Never Mock A Cancer Survivor...

...unless she was Suzanne Somers. She appeared on LARRY KING LIVE last week and both she and Larry said "vaginal dryness" like some demented old porn queen's dying mantra. To the tune of CAROLINA IN THE MORNIN'

Oh nuthin' could be moister than the oyster that we call Suzanne's Vagina.
Estrogen from yams and yaks to fight the menopausal cracks that line her.

When the Morning's Bloating twines around her form
TORSO-TRAC and THIGHMASTER, timeships to co-ed dorms.

Strollin' with my girlie when the dew is pearly early in her "females"
Bad Endocrinologists! Crissy ain't no Technologist - no emails!

If I had Bionic Tits and Muppet-Blonde hair,
I'd Lipo-suck it in cause who cares?

Oh nuthin' could be finer than the dank in her vagina in the mornin'!

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jungle dream pagoda said...

Alrighty,this is the complete pendulum swing! The ying and yang ,if you will, of The Epistle Of Timothy.
The constant being keen observation and good writing!