Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tailoring God's Clothes Out Of The Fabric Of Space-Time

If there was a joke in the title of today's entry, the punchline would go:"..make sure you have a lot of thread..."
Well I'm one day into my New World Religious Paradigm (that REALLY needs a name) and already my Mother is concerned that I not "stray from the teachings of Jesus." To the contrary, not only need I NOT stray from the Christianity I've known all of my life BUT I've designed the basic "Cornerstones" or bullet points of this New Paradigm to be accessible to all regardless of the Faith they bring to the exercise. I have no desire to supplant Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Bhuddism, Hindu, Shinto or Druidism. I just want to offer an idea for shared ideals of all people of Faith that should be one-size-fits-all that can facilitate compassionate dialog between the groups, many of whom clash daily, because they trust the sincerity of the Faiths that bring them to the table. An Ecumenical United Nations, dedicated to an end to poverty, oppression and conflict because of the power of all our Faiths combined.

Read yesterday's entry. Contribute. Be shocked. Or just "get it."

We need more Cornerstones, we STILL need a name* and it's about time we win a few believers.

*Name the Religion and become it's first SAINT, word.

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jungle dream pagoda said...

Okay,this ones gonna take some time for me,but could we please call the church buildings,Barbies Dream House? Only half-way kidding,it needs something that harkens back to our childhood.