Thursday, December 21, 2006

I Never Know What To Make Of These?

You may notice that my BLOG contains advertisments. They are provided by Google and apparently are based on the text that I provide on my BLOG. I sometimes flinch when I read them. This one is no exception:

HIV cure
Take part in trials of new therapy which has cured two girls of HIV

"Cured" two girls of HIV? Wow. I guess I needn't feel like I need to publish things I can substantiate. Just because something is in print, even on the WWW, it ain'tnecessarily so.


jungle dream pagoda said...

Ya know,I would almost say"how pathetic",but hope springs eternal,and we all need some,even if it is a falsehood.You might disagree,I don't know ,but maybe it could get folks to the doctor.

cinderelly said...

heh, heh, heh! i chose to not have ads...i have a 'cocktail of the day' on mine. what does that say about me?! i came across your blog on jungle dream's and took a peek. interesting stuff!