Tuesday, December 12, 2006

LOOK! UP ON MY THIGH! IT's A BIRD! ITs A PLANE! IT', uh it's you! nasty get down!

When I was a chilld , I wished that I had a super-power DEATH-RAY that I could shoot from my eyes. Thirty years later, and it's clear I got a BORE-YOU-TO-DEATH-RAY that I shoot from my mouth - be careful wishing.
Above is Terrell Owens 2007-08 Cowboys uniform....too much? Next my attempt at the HUMAN TORCH : too many peple think there's a problem when you "Flame-ON!" (never mind the deluge of "go-Girl" that follows) and douse you before you can explain that being on fire is your super-power so most of the time it's like being the Human Guy with Wet Hair and inflammable shorts.

Then there's the classisc, all-american, never married, frequently in the company of same-sex minors, Lycra-wearing, said you'd call again but that's all you "super' guys can manage...sure, kid, I'll call ya!...feeble

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