Monday, March 05, 2007

Miss Right Is Oh So Wrong.

Since this is about name calling and the Politics of Intolerance, I won't use the "b" word that I think of when I see Miss Coulter. She used the word "faggot" in front of the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Comittee) to take a swipe at John Edwards campaign. The remark obviously met with the approval of the Conservatives there based on the laughter and applause that ensued. Follow the link at the bottom of this post to see the video yourself.

Race baiting has become too disgusting for even the most radical of the "Crazy Right" to partake in. Gay baiting is still an approved tactic because, at 2% of the populace, it's allowed to use us as the butt of jokes, destroyers of sacred marital rites and objects of derision. Who knows, 30 years ago it might have been the "n" word that she so casually abused? Regardless, Anne Coulter has demonstrated repeatedly that she is nothing more than a "shock jock" for the ridiculous right, bent on stirring up the hilbilly redneck vote by creating scary images of an America dominated by Godless Liberal Faggot Lovers who will someday be allowed to marry and reproduce following the vaunted "Gay Agenda."

I don't know about everyone else, but I don't have an Agenda aside from wanting the same rights and legal protections afforded to all other American citizens - none too radical, methinks.

As for Miss Coulter, I choose to refrain from trading insults. Even though she is a miserable "c." **

**See COMMENTS for my mea culpa.


    Anonymous said...

    "Fagless" Hag

    I'd call her a flat-chested, chicken-necked, beak-nosed witch with teeth that could tear out a car-door but that might be "hate speech."

    My Marrakech said...

    now, now, now boys...the "c" word and "flat chested" are awfully bitchy and mean. She just sounds absolutely pathetic and totally pitiful to me.

    Timothy Hogan said...

    I have re-read me (it's obsessive, like listening to my own voice, hypnotic, soothing) and I agree that the "c" word was beneath me. I thought about editing what I'd written and removing the implied gutter-talk but I felt like that was cheating. Maybe admitting my regret at my childish enjoinder (word?) of the name calling is a more honest route to redmeption.

    Miss Coulter, I'm sorry I sunk to your low.


    jungle dream pagoda said...

    I must say ,I agree with My Marrakech,i prefer the "just ignore her and maybe she will have no power here".