Monday, March 12, 2007


Dear Diary,
I am such a pretty, pretty, pretty Kitty! Aren't I? No wonder I get away with murder! Fat Daddy just can't stay angry when I roll on the floor playing with my tail or curl up like a little baby squirrel when I sleep. Je sui adorable!

Oh well, I thought I'd show you what I use to train Fat Daddy in case any of you have Fat Daddys to train. Actually this works with any size Daddy. It's just more fun to watch the Fat ones struggle. Ha Ha! oops! I'm loving me so much I can't finish my thought. I'll post a picture while I calm down!

This is a NERF foam dart. There are hundreds of them hidden around the apartment I share with Fat Daddy. Orange ones and black, yellow, red or gray ones - everywhere but only I can find them! When I drop one at Fat Daddy's feet, he throws it for me and I retrieve it. Not always right away, mind you, I try not to be predictable. That's what really drives him crazy! Sometimes, I bring back a different color dart every time I return to him. He tries not to let it bother him, but I know he wonders just how smart his pretty, pretty, pretty Kitty really is!


Then other times I'll play "Fetch" for twenty or thirty minutes without stopping - really get into an obsessive groove - then I dissappear just long enough to make him wonder where I've been or sigh with relief that the game is over. Then I come running out of nowhere without a dart and I sit a his feet and howl for him to throw another dart until he gets up to look for it! I love to hide it in the bathroom. There's the tub, behind the toilet or in my bathroom water bowl! No matter how wet or germ filled, Fat Daddy retrieves the dart just like I've trained him.

Oh I love me SO much! I have to sign off so I can chew on my pretty tail!

Stinkerella Fifi Louise Hogan

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jungle dream pagoda said...

Oh yes,"these are the forgeries of jealousy!".kittys get so much more love than humans,AND we feel so honored when they favor us with love. I sure do miss my own stand-offish and to himself boy!