Wednesday, March 07, 2007

This Message Brought To You In SMUG-O-RAMA!

It is unwarranted, since I neither invented, participated in the invention of, nor even owned a truly vintage Mac BUT when I see the MAC VS. PC Commercials on television I experience a proud rush of smug exclusivity. I know that worldwide, my G4 and I are hoplessly outnumbered by PCs and that the evolution of the World's First peronal computer is now financed by iPod money and yet I manage to feel superior.

It's a pride that doesn't extend to other products. I don't silently cheer my brand of ketchup, bathroom cleaner or toothpaste when their television commercials air but when MAC and PC begin their tongue in cheek exchange I smile.


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jungle dream pagoda said...

low-tech Amish woman has no frame of reference for this!