Sunday, May 20, 2007


Apparently my recently deleted blog entry, a variation on the "Golden Rule" which included a clinical word describing a pair of sensitive glands on the male body, offended some people. I received a few "please remove me from your email distribution list" requests from people who've known me and my "twisted" sense of humor for decades.

Remarkable really that the word "testicles" would offend. At least I didn't say "balls, nuts, jewels, stones, cojones or 'nads." And I made no reference to the "scrotum" - the bag that matches no one's belt or shoes.

"Curioser and curioser" - the "bar of personal offense" is so easily lowered or ignored. I hope my blog won't be "Imus-ed." I am hardly shocking.

Perhaps I say things best only thought... but musn't someone?

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