Thursday, May 24, 2007

Does Dark Matter?

The Universe is mocking me, GENIUS! It screams - only NOW as my body fails I see it
in the folly of Physics and Cosmology! So simple, just so simple. Our blasted eyes were
focused on the light - LET THERE BE LIGHT, GOD, MAN & COINCIDENCE! Before the Light
GOD existed in a dark eternity alone. It is into that blackness we will
all one day dissolve.

The LAWS that govern us, endless patterns created from staring too long at
the CHAOS. Newton driven half Mad, Einstein never finishing his Unifying Theory,
Hawking has twice revised his attempt to bring cosmology, physics and mathematics together. And
how he has sufferred.

Only in the oily black of true chaos is the universe's "truth" visible, if even for a nanosecond.
The chaos of unpredictable sub-atomic particle motion. God's first toy for himself - one not
even He can predict.

And as my Anxious Mind dissolves into the chaos of its many noises I hear Him, Dark God.
He tries to free me from the seen, the accidental - patterns are inevitable in infinity but they are
anomaly, an unclean shining blue speck in the beautiful smooth Darkness. He speaks,

"How Ya Doing?"


jungle dream pagoda said... long as he doesn't say,"SIT...or stand whichever you prefer"(and have horns).

linda said...

I have always believed God has/had a very sick sense of humor. I am doing fine, hope you are too.