Friday, July 20, 2007

Dog's Worst Enemy


A Multi-Millionaire Sports figure Franchise Superstar of The Atlanta Falcons (with a bit of a 'tude?) is indicted by the Feds for Felony Illegal Dogfighting and raising Pit Bulls to dogfight and betting huge piles of money on dogfights and the Falcons, the NFL and a major Michael Vick sponsor, Nike, took the strong moral position to "wait and see." Of course they wrapped themselves in the Judicial Branch of the Constitution with lofty phrases like "innocent until proven guilty" and "let justice take its course" but they really just chicken-shitted all down the inseams of their very expensive tailored slacks.

Dogfighting, in the 21st Century, by Millionaires? Like I said, charming.

And the bold moral stance taken by the Executives with shit running down their legs? Inspirational - it stinks from here.

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jungle dream pagoda said...

EXACTLY ....charming....NOT !!