Saturday, July 14, 2007

Daily They Starve In Darfur

MADWORLD - Tears For Fears

These Are Human Beings! Children! Deserving NO LESS than our most technicaly advanced and outrageous attempts at healing.

The G8 PROMISED to end Poverty and AIDS in AFRICA while they took their photo ops with BONO in 2005. They have only managed to trickle out a pittance of the Billions pledged.

The dying have no time for world wide Legislators to drag their feet making laws that make the promised funds available. The Dying don't care if "beta testing" has to be absorbed into Human Trials - the dying want whatever chances are available NOW.

In this life I've learned that PAIN is Inevitable. SUFFERING is Optional. We can't end WORLD PAIN, but we in the West are wealthy and advanced enough to mitigate SUFFERING. As Americans we owe the Third World our First World Medical Knowledge. Charity on behalf of Individuals, philanthropists and all of the fearless health care workers working in the dirt and heat saving one life at a time. Those are the heroes.

I am not a believer in JUDGMENT DAY for Individuals but someday I believe our Nation's willingness to render aide will be judged when the final tally's are derived.

Our great wealth in the First World cannot exist simply to grow itself or to be spent in prolonged military conflicts. We are fighting two wars currently at a cost of $10,000,000 (ten Billion) a week. Our Iraq tab is well over $500Billion. Just a shaving of numbers that large could fund the World's fight against poverty, HIV/AIDS, malaria...Instead we spend hundreds of Billions killing those who forgot to welcome us as liberators and shower us with rose petals.

Hey, Mr. Vice President! You want roses? Invest $500Billion to find a cure for the Worldwide HIV/AIDS epedimic. The women will weep at your feet and the air will be filled with flowers and joy.

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