Thursday, July 19, 2007

Slipping the Grip of Morpheus, God Of Dreams


Lately I dream and dream. Often I must kick my legs to shake off the paralysis of sleep and rise. Sometimes I stick in the space between conscious states. I've never feared that place, half in Dreams, half screaming to wake up. Mixing realities. Stirring Here with There. But lately the bonds of Morpheus, God of Dreams, have strengthened.

He lies atop me, my muscular deity, pinning my arms at my side in his hug. I feel the stubble on his chin, the soft butterfly of his lips as he whispers me back toward sleep. Below, his sex presses hard against my own - aching but never released.

While awake, part of me yearns for the crush of my Dream Lover's grip. Thoughts of down pillows, cool cotton sheets and the muscular arms of the Dream Lord who nightly fills my head with Adventures - Mystery, Sex and Chaos.

As I lay me down to sleep, I pray that dreams well from the keep of my subconscious. As the flood of dreams begins, Morpheus arrives to take me. He holds me tightly so that I don't lash out as my nightly Adventures unwind.

Bind me tightly Morpheus and whisper fantasy in my ear. Eyelashes tickling my throat. Arousal two heart beats pressed together below.

Illustration Maria J William

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