Monday, January 28, 2008

The 6000


In a couple of days I will celebrate my 6000th hit on the epistle since January of 2007.

At this rate, I will have reached all 300,000,000 Americans in 111 YEARS! Just an eye-blink in the Information Multiverse!

What shall I do to celebrate this milestone? A Sweepstakes? A quiz? Maybe a "scavenger hunt" of topics from the past year of the epistle?

Don't just lurk there - tell me what to do! Please respond with your idea(s) in the next 48 hours or I'll be planning visit number 7000 before you know it! COMMENT below or just REPLY to my irritating group email!

1 comment:

linda said...

Well, if you were a multi-zillionaire, I would say why don't you give everyone who has posted $6,000. But, since you aren't (or are you holding out on us) how about a six-thousand MEOW salute by your friendly neighborhood furry feline?