Thursday, January 17, 2008

On Dying In My Sleep Part 1


Darkness grabbed at the hem of his cloak, drawing it close to his lean frame. The cold wind wicked away his dwindling heat. Heat left from the great explosion from which all This was spawned.

Darkness grinned long and toothy, his tongue flicked across the smooth line of his teeth stopping when it snagged on his sharpened canines. Taste of iron, fleeting. The tiny stream of Life closed upon itself.

Darkness felt the aching echo of Pleasure in his thighs. Had he held them tensed all this Time? Since he joined with the Light and all This was made? Now he relaxed, the Pleasure seemed to bounce lightly before it faded away.

Darkness touched me at the halfway of my Forever. Stopped my Heart and Breathing as I slept. Dreamless, my Death dangled above me. Thoughtless, I lay as active as the Table beneath me. Voiceless, I could have passed without a Sound.

Darkness giggled as he loosed his grip from my Heart - my deepest Insides. Catching my own Breath, I shuddered as he laughed.

Darkness' Eyes met mine - Forever now Half-Over - flashed a Smile all Teeth and Open Mouth. "Double Dare Ya!" Darkness rasped as his Laughter broke to Coughing, Laughed 'til Snorting, Slapped his Thighs and Spat - now finished.

Darkness left a Shadow on me - blackened Stain of Smoke and Ash. Scar that Split me, slowly Healing - hurts to Laugh now, aches to Breathe.

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