Tuesday, October 31, 2006

...and the HALLOWEEN-ER is...

In honor of Halloween, I should stop with the Angela Lansbury portrait and move on...if you stare at her long enough her head will spin...SCARY! but I promised you a written version of the Dream you all voted for...and the WINNER is...

4. I'm starring in a multi-million dollar Broadway Musical that I have staged at my old High School Auditorium that combines SHOWBOAT, Blue Man Group, Angela Lansbury and...oh yeah, I can fly.

First, the disclaimer: This Dream is a work of my Subconscious and as such is a work of Fiction. That means NOT REAL, okay? Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental, Mother.

"Hey! Get in here you guys! I can only do this for a minute or two!" I call out as I hover four feet off the floor," Come on, I think I'm getting the hang of it!"

As my mother and sister rush into my sister's bedroom in a house we lived in for Grades 4-10 for me, my mother scolds,"Timothy! I thought it was something important!" We are all miraculously younger, thinner and I'm levitating.

"Well, I am flying," I defend."I thought you'd want to see."

"It IS against the Law of Physics, Cow! (my nickname) Maybe you should stop." My sister is no help.

As my mother walks off,"It's not like we haven't dealt with THAT your whole life. What are you going to be when you grow up?"

Dissolve to a future/past time. Wind whistles in my ears as I swoop and sweep through the sky to a fictional amalgam of several schools I attended, a couple of familiar churches and theatres from around the world. My mind's stand-in as an IMPORTANT BUILDING looms into view. I float down the hallway searching for my High School Drama teacher, who has apparently turned teaching High School Drama into a lucrative endeavor as a Regional Theatre performed and staged by teenagers.**

**Now here we know it's ONLY a Dream because I've directed a handful of High School musicals and really, well, I'd rather chew glass.**

As I begin to sell my teacher on my musical CONCEPT combining Blue Man Group, SHOWBOAT, the talents of Angela Lansbury and me in flight, my Dream is interrupted by waking...I was thirsty from all of the flying and talking and talking and talking (see it IS my Dream) and I needed a glass of water, or was it to tinkle? Whatever, seems like a good place to say...

...to be continued (which you should only say when you're poised on the edge of a cliff-hanger that is INTERESTING but YOU VOTED FOR DREAM #4, that's on YOU!) and...as we leave we are left (now THAT was deep "as we leave we are left" - great song lyric.) You know my subconscious is actually even messier than this story. All competing sub-plots and no real referee - cue the whistle! - anyway, we are left with these questions:

WILL Angela Lansbury be available for uh... BLUEBOAT! ?

WILL anyone pay to see me fly? And WHAT'S UP with my family's ATTITUDE toward my ALTITUDE?

Was I THIRSTY or did I need to TINKLE? (Not important unless I'm sleeping with YOU.)

BOO! I scared me!

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jungle dream pagoda said...

"As we leave we are left" is actually alot more clever a lyric than something mundane like... oh say... " kisses sweeter than wine",wine is not sweet,not even German wine!See my mind is just as messy as yours.