Friday, October 20, 2006

The Curse of VERSE (for better...worse) II

"There are Days and there are Days!"
the Rat said, passing in the Maze.
I stop and catch my beath, unphased,
The Herd runs past me, kicking haze
of Dust and Garbage - runaways!
A bag of chips (yes, Frito Lays!)
then Irene Ryan, Helen Hayes
and Ralph the Mouth (from HAPPY DAYS)
and conflict between Straights and Gays
Half a blowjob, lousy lays
(You call it Corn, We call it Maize)
Balcony seats at Shakespeare plays
The HULK was made by GAMMA RAYS!
I start to run again half-crazed
At AMBIGUITY - amazed!
"Yes, there are Days and there are Days!"

1 comment:

jungle dream pagoda said...

sounds like an INXcess song.