Wednesday, October 18, 2006

You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover

That's a load of crap. Sorry to run a theme into the ground here between Rep. Mark Foley and John Mark Karr pictured here, but I have no problem judging either of those twisted little golden books by their covers. This photo of John Mark Karr says,"if I haven't molested a little girl yet, gimme ten minutes." And if his sweaty little beady eyes didn't make you want to put area schools on lockdown, then I'm sure the dead-fish of a handshake that followed would have. Thank God this pervert was a heterosexual pervert, my people have been maligned enough with Mark Foley - I hear he's a real "page turner."
My point, rare as it is I have one, is that while it may be noble to give every person an opportunity to prove him or herself based on their actions rather than appearance (neither of these guys is a three-eyed, fanged ghoul) sometimes you must go with your gut. The bigger my gut gets, the harder it is for me to drown out its voice - CREEEEEP!

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jungle dream pagoda said...

OK ,so heres how the casting call from Lifetime goes"Murray,yeah its me Jaime from Lifetime,I need another soul suckin' type,you know... caucasion, pasty skin ,bulbous eyes that bore a whole right through your chest,perpetual "I'm smelling shit" in the flared nostrils,just a soupsan(sp?)of oil/hair goo on the lid,just so it exposes their slight case of dandruff."Great you got plenty of those types ,please send their head/mug shots over right away".