Sunday, October 15, 2006

Gay Republicans, well I swan..

This picture says", please leave me alone with your 11-16 year old boy so that I can try to get my hands on him." Who needs to read the IMs? And while we're asking important questions, what are Gay Republicans for really. Is it self-loathing carried way over the top? Does it give their poor heart-broken Mothers any solace to know that their little fag-pie dears spend their lives in torment once they realize they were bestowed the Floatin' Loafers when Dorothy was handing out party favors.
And of course for this scandal we had to have a GAY creep. Even though it's far more likely that a Male Pedophile with choose a female victim, we get the few memorable ones, the spree killers, thank you Mr Cunanan and your odd Milwaukee Cannibal. Taste like chicken, Jeffrey? Oops! your dead.
I Still can't come up with a use for Gay Republicans...Lawyers to the Mysterious Gay Mafia or La Mafia Miss Ting. I hope I don't awake with a bedful of horse head...again.

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jungle dream pagoda said...

I think I need the 1st grade primer explaining gay Republicans.Then maybe I can get my brain around it.