Wednesday, February 21, 2007

80's Music Lyric Challenge 2007

Or as I like to think of it "Another Pitiful Attempt To Get People To Participate In My Blog." I know you're out there, my pages get hits most every day from Rome to Beijing and all points between. Apparently you're all terribly shy or just lousy typists? Here's a chance to show yourselves while remaining totally, huh?

Here we go. I'll put some song lyrics from a variety of 80's bands/songs and the CHALLENGE is for YOU to name the song AND performer(s)! 'kay?

1. In the jungle of the senses, Tinkerbell and Jack the Ripper...
2. There's a weapon that we can use in our defense, Silence.
3. Whatever we deny or embrace for worse or for better...
4. We're in the basement. Learning to print. All of it's hot!
5. I've got a rocket in my pocket and I don't know what to do...?

Okay, the Challenge is on. How many can you name? Use the Internet all you want, folks. I'm not sure it'll help!


jungle dream pagoda said...

I am such a lame poser of my adoration for groovy 80's music,all I got is #2 the gogs "our lips are sealed" (a cover),ofcourse I did see them live at the bronco bowl.# 3 I almost have but the brain is too packed full of the age of aquarius right now!!!

I_blog_therefore_I_am said...

#2 Go-Go's - Our Lips are sealed
#3 Pat Benatar - Hit me with your best shot
#4 B-52's - Legal Tender

#1 ??? Alice Cooper
#5 ??? Timothy's theme song?

Timothy Hogan said...

So far so close my lovelies! #2 GoGos OUR LIPS ARE SEALED, #4 b52s LEGAL TENDER

#3 is Pat Benatar but not HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT

jungle dream pagoda said...

#3 We Belong ,Ofcourse!!!!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Oh,and I (until just this moment ) always thought the lyrics were"whenever we rely on the phrase ,for worse or for bettter! Hmm,not sure which I like best!!!!!