Monday, February 26, 2007


I know, in snow deprived regions this is "pretty," but after 15 years here in the Arctic Circle it's much prettier when it happens in Colorado. Sorry I haven't blogged (don't you just love conjugating words that weren't words less than 10 years ago?) but I've had an awful headache for a few days that I was sure was going to kill me dead. Anything that hurts that hard and long must be terminal, right? So rather than see the Doctor, I just decided to get my Living Will and Hospital Directives together. My estate isn't worth the expense of a probate attorney just now. My Life Insurance Beneficiary is clearly designated. My little sister, Rachel, will have quite a payday if and when I croak and I get one Hell of a Memorial Service. I've already made it clear that when it is planned, they need to pencil in 20 minutes for me in case I feel the Service is dragging.

Seriously, I don't think my headache will kill me. It is odd, however, that my family in general believes that I see too many doctors and that I see the ones I see too often. However (I was headed toward "however" in the last sentence I just didn't get there...) when I talk to them about seeing my Psychologist or Psychiatrist they yell at me for going BUT when I talk to them about ignoring chest pain for three days, they yell at me for NOT going to the doctor. A disdain of Psychiatry that would do L. Ron Hubbard proud.

Q: If Isaac Asimov or Ray Bradbury started a "religion" would you join it? How 'bout if they claimed to be part of a Master Race from Venus? Just Asking.

The Answers to 80's Music Lyric Challenge 2007:

1. In the jungle of the senses, Tinkerbell and Jack the Ripper... NEMESIS by SHREIKBACK
2. There's a weapon that we can use in our defense, Silence. OUR LIPS ARE SEALED by GOGOs
3. Whatever we deny or embrace for worse or for better... WE BELONG TO THE NIGHT by PAT BENATAR
4. We're in the basement. Learning to print. All of it's hot! LEGAL TENDER by b52s
5. I've got a rocket in my pocket and I don't know what to do...? DON"T YOU KNOW by DEVO


jungle dream pagoda said...

Good ol' Shreikback!!!
Probably did not get that one right because I traded my Shriekback tape with Marty Bedouin,for a Jane Siberry tape(remember Red Hi Heels?).We were on loction for a short film,and I was driving home that night. He traded not for the superior music(obviously I got the best deal!),but for motives that were,um less gentlemanly. HA!!! Another poor,straight fool in my maniterium!
Your fam is right,or maybe its just the mother in me,DEFINITELY go see the medical docs.
Thanx for the birthday advice,My mems don't truly kick in till kinder.I think your right,its because we were so happy ! I thought it was because ,I was somehow less evolved than my hub and own babes. Honestly ,you probably are an old soul,I've always thought,I was a younge soul,this is most definitely the longest I've been around in a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

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