Sunday, February 11, 2007

STINKY'S DIARY...what does she write there?

Dear Diary,

Oh what fun! In only four days I nearly have Fat Daddy completely trained! Today I got fresh kibble AND water at 4 AM just by "meowing" like I was crazy while I licked his ear. I can make him crawl on the floor, sleep pinned down and motionless and search for me just by running off and silently hiding. All of that and he plays fetch anytime I bring him a foam dart to throw.

But I musn't be unkind, Fat Daddy has REALLY ballooned since I stayed here last and he makes the greatest thing to sleep on. I can sit on his lap, belly, man-boobies or shoulder and they're all soft and hairy. It's like when I was a kitten with squinty closed kitten eyes and I nuzzled my big fat Momma Cat for warmth.

Oh well. Time to bite bits of kibble in half and spit them on the kitchen floor so he has to sweep them up! I love being me.

Stinkerella Fifi Louise Hogan

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