Saturday, February 03, 2007

Why God Hates Florida...maybe

Why is the state of Florida so often the target of destructive winds? We can accept as a "given" that God Hates so called "mobile homes" and "trailers." Who knows why? Mysterious Ways and all... It's empirically obvious because he hurls or at least "allows to be hurled at" mobile homes the strongetst winds in Nature's Deadly Arsenal: Hurricanes and Tornadoes. Regardless of the state in which they are located, trailer parks are frequently smitten or smited, whichever.

I have a theory about this perceived "hatred" God reserves for trailers. Christ told a parable about two houses: one built on sand, the other on bedrock. Two houses. Sand or Bedrock. Not Three Houses. Sand, Bedrock and Chassy. The Lord God doen't have a Trailer park in Heaven. He spoke not of the "double-wide" So I think God's tendency to smite the "Sunshine State" is the prevalence of mobile home communities.

Either that, or there are too many fags.

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jungle dream pagoda said...

Now Timothy,don't go all Isaiah Washington on us! Oh,and perhaps Florida should look into more Airstreams!perhaps God would find them more to hhis liking.