Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"...and a Feeling Unknown shook My Heart, made me want You to Stay..."

After a fifteen year relationship with a soulless automaton who bled me for every extra penney I ever earned, it finally dawned on me! I need to find a way to earn more money.

What, me? Co-dependent? Surely not. I've been single for ten years, haven't even dated in this can I be co-dependent? Which brings us to the awful truth - I've been unattached for this entire century...a MILLENIUM ALONE.

So my Therapist and I are working on my lack of an intimate romantic relationship. Apparently it amazes people that I've stayed single this long. That's the burden of being pretty AND smart, people think romance should come easily for me...if they only knew - IT ISN"T EASY BEING PRETTY.

Besides, my relationship track-record isn't reassuring. I seem to have a three year time limit. My partner becomes tedious and I start repeating myself and since we're co-dependent, it takes six months to split up because neither one of us wants to be the villain and we're competing to be the victim/martyr. "Get Off the Cross, Who Gets the Sofa?"

But enough about me...what do YOU think of me?

Yesterday's Music: PINK FLOYD was right...all in all we're just another BRICK IN THE WALL.

Tomorrow: Will Timothy stop whining about his love(less)-life? What do boy-toys become when they grow up?

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I_blog_therefore_I_am said...

Ah shucks. You're the prettiest thang on Nicollett! (Of course, that's only between Franklin and Hennepin). And Smart! OoooEEE! Sharp as a tack.

That's why I keep coming back :)