Thursday, April 27, 2006

The CURSE of VERSE (for better...worse)

I. When Michael Brown hung on the cross,
Discredited ex-FEMA boss,
The scapegoat of KATRINA loss
(the Wind did blow, the Waves did toss.)

A Thought occurred, a Notion, Whim
George Dubya Bush appointed him.
To finance War, a Budget trim.
(absorbed in a New Acronym.)

Our Homeland we must now Secure,
From Terrorists and, to be Sure,
Our Patriotic Motives Pure!
(oops! We forgot Mother Nature.)

But as upon the cross he hang,
Why he alone among his gang?
The Buck Stops Here! Our Bad! They sang.
(oh, mea culpa no, Miss Thang!)

So were the words thick-sliced Baloney?
Accept the Blame, Eject one Croney?
Responsibility so Phoney.
(they keep their jobs and spend our money.)

Poor Brownie, still he dangle there,
A Crown of Guilt pressed in his hair.
Bipartisan Comittee Chair -
(they speared his side, their Scorn layed bare.)

What can we learn from Brother Brown?
Big Dogs don't get run out of town?
The Hill of Crap runs only Down?
(a nod, a wink, a smile, a frown.)

The Moral? Morals don't apply
While sacrificing just one guy.
Prepare your Story, Alibi.
(prevaricate, tell fibs - just Lie.)

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